unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

Architectural Services Clients Need To Know These 5 Trends

Vanessa Washington

The world of architectural services is constantly changing. If you're planning to hire an architect, it's wise to stay ahead of developments in the industry. You will benefit from learning about these 5 coming trends.


Yes, this may sound like old news. However, the aging global population means accessibility is likely to become a bigger issue in the next two or three decades. Increasingly, visitors to homes and businesses will have mobility and sensory problems. If you're meeting with an architect today, you need to create a building that will help the people of tomorrow interact with it.


Recent decades have led to an outright revolution in construction materials. For example, you can purchase windows today that are much less likely to break than products sold just 10 years ago. Likewise, these windows offer greater UV protection and better insulation.

Similar improvements have appeared across the spectrum of building materials. You can randomly pick any material out of the pile, and there's a good chance you can buy a stronger, more eco-friendly, and highly efficient version of it.


The world's population is increasingly centered in cities. Even if you're talking with an architect about a location that seems downright pastoral, you should be aware urbanization may be coming. Heck, there's a farmhouse in Manhattan on a property dating to the days of the Dutch settlement of the New York region. The world changes, and you need to consider how urbanization and even suburbanization may affect your location down the road.


Electronics pervade every aspect of modern life. It's a good idea to think about architecture in terms of how your electronic systems will interact with it. For example, you might want to create a porch that allows your doorbell camera the best view of visitors. Likewise, you can build your home for audio to improve the performance of voice assistants. Also, you'll probably want to have your home as ready as possible for high-speed internet, wi-fi, and cell service.


Advances in 3-D printing and materials allow architectural services firms to dream up designs that were never before feasible. Similarly, design software makes planning unusual structures easier. If you want a building with no sharp corners, for example, that's a much more practical and cost-effective plan than it was even at the start of the century. Particularly when folks want to create architectural statements, these new techniques offer plenty of room to explore.

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unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

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