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Tips For Designing The Best Custom Closet

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Whether you plan to complete the build on your own or you want to hire someone to do the manual labor for you, it is important to make sure that you have a very clear understanding of what you need to consider when coming up with a design idea. While you certainly need to custom tailor your closet to your specific needs, you may need a little push when it comes to coming up with some ideas. To help you with that, you will want to take a few moments to review the following tips. Add A Built-In Hamper Your closest can be a large walk-in with its own little changing area, or it can be a smaller closet that does not have any room to accommodate people entering it. Either way, you might want to consider adding a built-in hamper, as it will never be misplaced or accidentally taken to another room. It will always be in your closet. After all, when pulling clothes out of the closet, you might be pulling clothes off of your body and will need a place to put them right away so that they are available for washing. This will help keep everything in one central location for you. Don’t Forget Space For Accessories There are two ways to approach this. You can add a bunch of custom jewelry, hair tie, and glove drawers and stands, or you can make things a little easier on yourself. Simply add a few shelves and then place wicker baskets or plastic bins on those shelves. Make sure that you are giving yourself a separate bin or basket for each kind of accessory you might want to store. After all, it would be very easy for your silk scarves to become tangled with your belts. To help keep you organized, you can always mark the outside of the bins with labels so that you do not have to search through each bin before finding what you are in need of. Sure, you can also add a hanging cube unit, but the flexibility of what you can do with the shelves and bins is much more vast. Install A Wardrobe Pole This is a simple metal pole that sticks out from the wall of the back of your closet door. While you might like to keep some of your clothing in dresser drawers, you might want to hang your outfit for the next day so that any small existing wrinkles can fall out of it. Sure, you could hang your clothing over a chair, but this puts everything at risk of developing more wrinkles or a fold in the middle of the outfit. The idea is that you will use this pole to hang up your outfit for the next day. This will ensure that you are easily organized for the following day and that your next planned outfit will not get misplaced or wrinkled while you wait to wear it. With just those few simple ideas in mind, you should have very little problem making sure that your newly designed custom closet is everything that you need for it to...

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What To Look For In Vinyl Flooring

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If you’re replacing the flooring in your home, you are looking at all the various options available. However, one option that you may not consider is vinyl, until your interior designer fills you in on a few details about this type of floor and how it has improved over the years. Vinyl flooring is an economical solution for bathroom and laundry room flooring and this guide explains what you need to consider when choosing the right one. The Inner Core Vinyl flooring is made up of a few different layers. You’ll notice the design layer and the padding automatically. However, the inner core layer is one of the layers that you should pay attention to the most when making your decision. The inner core provides you with insulation to protect the padding and the subfloor. It also helps to deaden sounds, which is something you can’t get from tile or stone, however this feature is not as great as carpet. The best quality inner core of vinyl flooring helps prevent cuts, rips, dents and other problems that may occur down the line. Ask your designer to show you samples of vinyl flooring with the highest quality inner core.   The Protective Layer Check to see that the vinyl you’re considering has the highest quality protective layer on top of the design. This is not the design itself. Instead, it is a thin clear coating on top of the design that helps protect the vinyl from spills, tears and stains. It is not the thickness of the protective layer that makes it better, but rather the quality. Because there are various thicknesses and qualities, ask your designer if the vinyl you’re hoping for will be great for protecting against scuffs and scratches. The Design When choosing the design of your vinyl, you aren’t confined to square blocks that scream fake stone. Today’s vinyl flooring offers looks that mimic natural stone and tile so well that it’s hard to tell that it’s vinyl. Take your time to choose the design you want and ask your designer to show you many different samples. Whether you want stone, tile, marble or even a polished concrete, there is a vinyl out there that can provide that look and save you a lot of money. Even though vinyl flooring has a few layers, you’ll do well to concentrate on the inner core, protective covering and design, because they are the ones that determine the vinyl’s quality the most. When you do, you’ll have a beautiful floor that’ll last for years. Ask your interior designer (or companies like National Carpet Mill Outlet) for more ideas to save money on flooring and still get the look you...

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Designing The Perfect Room For Your Daughter? 3 Creative Ways To Add Much Needed Storage Space

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Teenage girls are notorious for having too much stuff in their room. Now that you’re designing your daughter’s new room, you’ll want to include some extra storage. You might think that means adding more closet space or completely remodeling her room. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that…at all. With just a few creative touches, you can give your daughter all the storage space she needs for all the little things she owns. Here’s some ideas to get you started. Towel Racks Aren’t Just For the Bathroom If you thought towel racks were just for the bathroom, you haven’t seen them used for additional storage. This simple idea incorporates towel racks and wicker baskets for a simple way to make room for all those little things your daughter uses every day. Supplies You’ll Need Towel racks of various lengths Wicker baskets Shower curtain hooks – two for each basket Electric drill Directions Use a drill to attach the towel racks to the wall. Open one shower curtain hook and carefully push one end through the spaces at the top of your wicker basket. Repeat the process to place the second shower hook on the basket. Using the shower curtain hooks, hang the basket on towel rack. Hang several towel racks around the room to create additional storage space. Don’t Pass By those Old Wood Crates Those wood crates that are used to ship fruit and vegetables can be transformed into bedroom storage space. Supplies You’ll Need Several wood crates Various colors of acrylic spray paint 4″ wood screws Electric drill Directions Apply a coat of spray paint to your crates and allow them to air dry. Use your drill to hang your crates on the wall using the 4″ wood screws. Be sure the crates are hung with the openings facing out. Take the Spice Rack Out of the Kitchen If your daughter is into beads, you might be tired of finding them all over the room. This storage idea will keep the beads safe and secure, while still making them accessible for use. Bring a spice rack into your daughter’s room. Fill each spice bottle with various beads and store the bottles in the spice rack. When you’re designing your daughter’s new room, remember to plan for her storage needs. You don’t have to remodel or spend a lot of money. These simple storage ideas will help you provide your daughter with the space she needs to keep her new room neat and tidy. For more information, contact an interior design specialist in your...

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Creative Uses For Old House Shutters

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Whether you decided that you no longer want any shutters on your house or you have decided to go with a different style, you might want to consider some options for those old shutters. Instead of simply throwing them out with the trash, you could use them for something else around the house. Bookshelves Older wood house shutters make great bookshelves for just about any wall in your house. You could leave them as they are or add a fresh coat of paint to them. Securely add a couple of metal brackets to the wall and then attach the old shutters to those so that they become your new bookshelves. Mug Rack Are you someone that has a lot of coffee cups? Maybe you have so many that you are finding that they no longer easily fit into your cupboards. A great option is to take a large house shutter and attach hooks all up and down the two longest sides. Just make sure that the hooks you are using are wide enough so that they will easily wrap around most coffee mug handles. All you have to do then is attach the shutter to the wall. It is important to make sure that you are using industrial strength screws, because the added weight of the mugs could pull the shutter off of the wall if it is not properly secured. Picture Holder If you are looking for a unique way to show off all of your favorite photos, this might be the suggestion for you. After staining or painting the shutter and allowing it to dry, you can hang it on a wall. You can also lean it up against the walls in the corner of a room if it is tall enough to still get noticed by people. Then, find some fashionable or old looking clips that you can use to hang various photos with. The nice thing about this is that you will always have the option to easily rearrange the photos or change them out. As you can see, there are a lot of different things that can be done with some old house shutters. If you have an entire set of shutters from your home, you might just be able to do a wide variety of things instead of having to pick just one. Before you know it, you will have a house full of crafty items or even some things to give as gifts. Contact a company like Blinds And Designs Of Florida to learn about other ways you may be able to use your...

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