unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

Dressing Up Your Home: How Choosing The Right Accessories Can Make A Difference

Vanessa Washington

Choosing the right accessories to complement your interior design is like adding the perfect jewelry and scarf to a lovely outfit. It's a fun way to dress up a room and can be dramatic or subtle depending on your preference. Changing the accessories in a room is also an easy way to transform the appearance of the room to match a new season or holiday.

Accessorize with mirrors

The versatility of mirrors makes them a popular choice for adding elegance to any room of the home. From the bedroom to the kitchen, mirrors can make a room appear larger or more open. Mirrors match any decorating style from traditional to contemporary and can be simple or glamorous.

Mirrors work magic in small areas that lack depth. Place a floor length mirror at the end of a small hallway and watch the magic happen. Most every entryway can benefit from a mirror to enhance the space where guests are welcomed into your home.

Accessorize with vases

Used with or without flowers, vases are a popular choice for accessories in interior design. With the wide variety available, you will have no problem finding vases to complement the style of your home. Choose vases in several widths and heights to create a pleasing look.

Vases arranged in a group make a lovely centerpiece on an accent table or coffee table. When doing a grouping of vases, always use an odd number rather than an even number to achieve the best look. A group of three vases makes an appealing decoration for a table or when used in a bookcase.

Accessorize with pillows

When you want to add warmth and charm to any home décor, look no further than decorative pillows. Accent pillows can add a pop of color to bring a monochromatic room to life. Add a few neutral colored pillows to a colorful room to soften the look of the room.   

You can also make a decorating statement by using pillows with words or slogans. A pillow with the word welcome on it will add a coziness factor to an entryway bench. Pillows with words like simplicity, family, or dream serve as a source of encouragement while making a room inviting and cheerful.

If you want to pull the look of a room together without a lot of fuss, the right home accessories will make a big difference. Whether you wish to dress up your home for a special holiday or to celebrate the arrival of a new season, accessories are an interior designers' best friend.


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unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

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