unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

Five Ways To Make Your Trade Show Stand More Impressive

Vanessa Washington

When you go to a trade show, your main goal is to draw attraction to your booth. You want your chance to stand out among competitors and other vendors so you have a more positive turnout. Use these five simple ways to design your trade show display so you have the greatest chances of getting noticed.

Have a moving display

What may draw the eye is a moving display. A rotating stand that houses your most important or popular literature or inventory will be more easily seen in your booth over the items that sit stationary on a shelf. A rotating stand that also has a lighted display will further draw attention.

Have a seating area

If you can spare a little bit of room, supply a chair and a small table with literature about your company and a few test products. People who are tired of walking around or who just want to rest for a minute — or who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer — will appreciate a small space where they can sit for a small spell.

Have a comfortable arrangement

Putting your tables up in a U or horseshoe shape makes your stand more easy to move around, which can make your stand more presentable to people passing by. Place one table lengthwise in the back and two on either side of the back one to leave space open in the center.

Have a running video or live feed going

A large projector or television screen constantly running your company's commercials, interviews, or even a live feed of an event will help bring in people just out of simple curiosity. As customers and potential sponsors gather round to watch the screen, you can gently introduce yourself and encourage questions and to have people sample what you have to offer.

Have goodie bags

Goodie bags with a business card, key chain, and other small but useful marketing items available for your potential customers to see will bring people in. As people feel obligated to either listen to a pitch or participate in a survey or some other beneficial task for your company in exchange for some treats, you'll gain more clients and help reach out in your trade show community in new ways.

You can hire an interior designer to help you decorate and stage your trade show booth for the best results. When you start to make your booth more desirable, you'll be more successful at all your shows.

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