unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

5 Features Every Luxury Bathroom Should Have

Vanessa Washington

If you're in the planning process of having a luxury home custom built to suit the personal needs and preferences of you and your family, you're probably already anticipating relaxing in a deep-soaking tub or soothing tired muscles in your very own sauna. Following are just five of the many luxurious finishing touches you may decide to include in the bathroom of your dreams. 

Towel Warmers

Few things feel more luxurious on bare skin than a warm towel after an invigorating shower or a long, sumptuous soak in a tub filled with warm, scented water than a towel that's been warmed to just the right temperature. Installing a built-in towel warmer that allows you to choose from a variety of heat settings will make every bath or shower feel like you're visiting a top-tier spa. 

Heated Floors

Bare feet on a cold, clammy bathroom floor or a damp bath mat is no way to end a luxurious bath or shower. Having a heated floor in your bathroom eliminates the chance of this taking place. Custom builders can accomplish this by installing radiant heating mats underneath the tiles of the floor. 

Juice and Coffee Bar

A small juice and coffee bar allows you to enjoy your favorite juice or coffee while relaxing before or after your morning shower. It can also be used in the evening when you're in the mood for a candlelit bath complete with a glass or two of fine wine or Champagne. 

Natural Gas Fireplace

Imagine enjoying an evening soak with a lovely fire flickering in the fireplace. However, if you're like most people, the thought of starting a fire in a wood fireplace before a bath doesn't sound luxurious at all, which is why you should consider a natural gas fireplace instead. You get the beauty of a fire without having to schlep wood into your bathroom and fuss with getting a fire built. With a gas fireplace, all you need to do is press a button when you want to turn the fire on or off, and you can also control the size of the fire. 

Lounging Area

A small lounging area provides a place to relax while enjoying your morning coffee or juice or finishing off that glass of wine after a luxurious evening soak. Place it near the fireplace to get maximum pleasure and comfort.

Your custom home contractor will be able to provide you with more information creating custom luxury home designs


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unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

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