unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

Interior Design Ideas For A Preschooler's Room

Vanessa Washington

Designing a room for a preschooler means taking steps now to ensure the design can age with your child. The following are a few ideas to create the perfect mixture of play space and sleeping area for your young child.

Use soft flooring

Although tumbles and falls are less common as children hit the preschool years, there is still rough housing and horseplay to contend with. Hard flooring increases the chances of bumps and bruises, plus it doesn't dampen any noise from an exuberant child running about. Carpet is a better option, but choose the best type of carpet. Shorter carpet nap, such as that found on Berber style carpeting, combined with a dark color is less likely to suffer damage or stains. Another option is to use a large throw rug to cover the hard flooring of your choice.

Opt for easy-clean paint

It can be tempting to use a gloss finish in a child's room simply because it is easy to wipe clean. Unfortunately, it also shows every dirty fingerprint and imperfection. If you have your heart set on paint, then opt for an eggshell finish. It only has a slight gloss but it wipes clean with a damp cloth. Another option is a patterned wallpaper, as it won't show dirt and is easy to wipe clean. There are even paintable wallpaper varieties, which means you can easily change the wall color to fit your child's taste when they are older.

Install safe outlets

Preschoolers are still curious, which means they may mess with outlets even though they know better. Yet, you may want them to have access to plugging things in on their own. A safe outlet has blocked openings that only open when both prongs of a plug are being inserted. This means your child can use a plug in the outlet, but they can't try to push anything else into them.

Lower everything

There is a happy medium to achieve when it comes to furniture types and styles. You need stuff your young child can reach, but you want it to grow with your child. There are options. A full size twin bed with adjustable legs allows you to raise it as your child grows. Lower dressers, which should be mounted to the wall, can have mirrors or shelves attached to the top when your child is older. In the closet, consider an adjustable closet kit, which allows you to raise and lower bars and shelves as needed.

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unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

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