unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

What To Look For In Vinyl Flooring

Vanessa Washington

If you're replacing the flooring in your home, you are looking at all the various options available. However, one option that you may not consider is vinyl, until your interior designer fills you in on a few details about this type of floor and how it has improved over the years. Vinyl flooring is an economical solution for bathroom and laundry room flooring and this guide explains what you need to consider when choosing the right one.

The Inner Core

Vinyl flooring is made up of a few different layers. You'll notice the design layer and the padding automatically. However, the inner core layer is one of the layers that you should pay attention to the most when making your decision.

The inner core provides you with insulation to protect the padding and the subfloor. It also helps to deaden sounds, which is something you can't get from tile or stone, however this feature is not as great as carpet.

The best quality inner core of vinyl flooring helps prevent cuts, rips, dents and other problems that may occur down the line. Ask your designer to show you samples of vinyl flooring with the highest quality inner core.  

The Protective Layer

Check to see that the vinyl you're considering has the highest quality protective layer on top of the design. This is not the design itself. Instead, it is a thin clear coating on top of the design that helps protect the vinyl from spills, tears and stains.

It is not the thickness of the protective layer that makes it better, but rather the quality. Because there are various thicknesses and qualities, ask your designer if the vinyl you're hoping for will be great for protecting against scuffs and scratches.

The Design

When choosing the design of your vinyl, you aren't confined to square blocks that scream fake stone. Today's vinyl flooring offers looks that mimic natural stone and tile so well that it's hard to tell that it's vinyl. Take your time to choose the design you want and ask your designer to show you many different samples. Whether you want stone, tile, marble or even a polished concrete, there is a vinyl out there that can provide that look and save you a lot of money.

Even though vinyl flooring has a few layers, you'll do well to concentrate on the inner core, protective covering and design, because they are the ones that determine the vinyl's quality the most. When you do, you'll have a beautiful floor that'll last for years. Ask your interior designer (or companies like National Carpet Mill Outlet) for more ideas to save money on flooring and still get the look you desire. 


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unique ideas for using mirrors in your home

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